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Who We Are

Chris Brende - The Boss

Son of Robert, Father to one amazing little girl, Brother and Friend to many!

My life, like many, has had quite a few ups and downs. I have been working hard to make the most of what I have and to make it better for my daughter and family. Skilled in many fields from construction, electrical, automotive, business, and finance. I have found that the computer repair industry has brought the most challenges and interesting learning adventures. With the ever changing world of I.T. we never know what to expect, daily the viruses and problems change, update, and seem to morph into something else right before your very eyes. It is definitely a field that one cannot get bored with quickly. I am hoping that our company can help you much more than I have planned and imagined, while keeping your cost to a minimum. I have often thought about creating a business in which we can help our clients from anywhere in the world, employees that can work from home if necessary, single fathers and mothers that have the skill to work in the trade but have a limited schedule. I believe this is the company I had in mind and want to see it grow significantly beyond where we are today.

Robert Brende - Our Elder, The Wise One

Devote Husband, Caring Father to many, playful grandfather to one(so far), Friend to countless!

We look to him when we need a fresh set of eyes or just a good laugh! He can always keep us on our toes and show what we have overlooked. As a father to myself and four other boys err... men, I believe I speak for them also when I say, he is the best father that we could ever imagine having. Sure he is not perfect, who is? But the values and responsibility he has instilled in us, has made us the way we are today. I have always thought he did alright raising me, but watching him raise my little brothers and seeing them grow into outstanding husbands, incredible athletes, and kind, well mannered men, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is the best dad a kid could have! Bob has had many years in the computer field as well, he is the one that got me into all this. I remember the days when I would ask him for his help with my computer. After a little training and whole lot of experience, we both look to each other for help on occasion.

James - The man with a plan!

Friend and esteemed colleague, Single Father of two, dedicated to succeed in everything!

Always the planner for the project. Making sure every detail is just the way it should be before the work begins. I have worked with James in most of my endeavors over the past decade, so it is no surprise to me that he is currently in training to help with your computer needs as well.

Shawn - Server aficionado

Caring Husband; and good friend to us all.

Our server guy, with his vast experience in the world of servers and advanced business systems, we come to him if we have a question that is right up his alley. Always willing to help with a good challenge. If we ever need to schedule him for a remote session, it's probably a good idea to give him a few hours advance notice, as he is one high in demand individual!

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